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Rapid is aimed at data-centric business applications and is Open Source. Without a single line of code end users can take control of their own online business applications and be able to easily, change and extend them, radically reducing the time required to get a change from ideas phase to live.

Rapid's killer feature is radically reducing html application development time by providing an easy to user interface where users can build webpages by dragging and dropping. The intention is to provide a platform that less technical users can create applications with, making things easy for them and putting them in control. In a large organisation we would expect a scenario where a project manager or business analyst could make changes to an application in front of an end user group, removing the longer process where the requirements are documented, sent to developers, tested separately, and then its several weeks or months before end users see their changes. Rapid gives instant results.

The system works by pre-packaging html into controls. Controls have events, and actions are assigned to control events to be performed when the events fire. There are several different actions: simple actions can style controls on the current page, or navigate to other pages, more sophisticated actions can fetch data from relational databases or webservices to populate controls. It is also possible to create your own controls and actions.

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